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Hackatrix 2014: The Hackathon with a positive Social Impact in Peru

June 16, 2014

Belatrix’s Hackathon, held at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, brought together participants from different universities and institutes from the IT sector, repeating the success of its first edition in Argentina last year.

When Hackatrix 2014 came to the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) this past May, it brought with it a new way of developing software. Organized by Belatrix Software and supported by PUCP, It promoted teamwork and left a positive impact on society.

The event brought together many professionals and students from the information technology (IT) industry. These students came from many universities and institutes found in Peru, and throughout the course of the event, the attendees were asked to work together on teams. Each team came up with their own ideas, and then in a day’s time, they had to bring their ideas to life.

Scrum Masters experts from Belatrix collaborated with each group to help them complete their projects by using agile methodology to improve their development times. At the end of the day, there were many promising social IT projects being completed, most of them fully functional. As a result, the main objective of the event was achieved: the development of software programs via joint endeavors, a.k.a. teamwork.

Some of the notable projects that were completed during Hackatrix 2014 included the development of a platform that can be used to find lost pets, and the creation of a social website for children who suffer from having a cleft lip.

The distinguished jury, led by an expert teacher in the Software Quality of PUCP, evaluated each group on the basis of innovation, project progress and maturity of the team. Each team also provided a popularity vote in regards to the teams that they most supported.

At the end of the day, JoyTeam took the top spot at this year’s Hackatrix 2014 event. Their project, “Joyfeel,” is social network platform focused on publishing good news and personal challenges. It was developed in IOS languageand, as a result of winning, JoyTeam reaped big rewards and they now have the opportunity to bring even more life to their projectwith the actual implementation of the social platform; Belatrix will support their efforts to make of this project a real success.

Hackatrix 2014 was successful in many ways. It was able to position itself as an exchange platform of knowledge and experience, where inventiveness and creativity sparked brilliant ideas by participating teams. The social applications developed by the teams are able to provide quick and innovative solutions to the community.

“We are very confident that our participants have developed our major Belatrix key values, and we are very satisfied with the results” shared Alex Robbio, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development of Belatrix. “We look forward to have many more editions of Hackatrix for future opportunities.”

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