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Hackatrix Lima 2019: Surpassing expectations in the technology sector

June 4, 2019

Belatrix’s annual hackathon event took place in Lima with an all-time high attendance

Belatrix Software, a leading software development company, held its annual Hackatrix in Lima, Peru. The event, which gathered more than 230 software development enthusiasts, took place on June 1st in the Engineering and Technology University of Peru – UTEC. The Hackatrix is a hackathon organized by Belatrix, which has become a yearly tradition. Its objective is to promote the collective development of social and innovative ideas in a competitive and fun environment.

There was a 19% increase in attendance compared to 2018, with people coming from across Peru to attend. Belatrix welcomed Scrum Masters, developers, UX designers, QA experts, students and more broadly, people interested in technology and software development.

This was the 6th edition of the Hackatrix. There were 32 teams, competing in the categories of: innovation, popularity and featured participant. For innovation, the winning team was “Makers” with a project focused on helping deaf people interact with their surroundings, using IBM’s artificial intelligence software, Watson. As for the popularity award, the winners were “AdaThinklab”, which created an educational assistant to make studying more interesting and fun – this team had the most reactions on social media with likes, shares, and retweets. Finally, the featured participant award was earned by Alejandro Fort who was recognized as a role model due to his leadership and collaborative mindset.

The jury was formed by a high-end technical committee which included the following experts:

  • Martín Alfieri, Director of Delivery at Belatrix.
  • Sergio Infante, Director of Belatrix’s Centers of Excellence.
  • Ernesto Cuadros, Director of Computer Science at UTEC.
  • Glauco Zamarin, Manager of Business Architecture and Technology at Pacífico.
  • José del Castillo, Deputy Manager of Digital IT Projects at Pacifico.

Speaking at the event, Belatrix’s Paulina Ibarra, member of the Hackatrix organization committee, commented: “The increase in people attending the Hackatrix makes it clear that in Peru there are many talented individuals committed not only to develop professionally, but also wanting to help the society in which they live. It is really exciting to see so much talent working together for the common good.”

As in previous years, it was a great opportunity for enthusiasts to understand how software development projects are handled, all within a safe, competitive and fun environment. Also, it was the ideal place to meet and connect with peers and people working in the industry, to discuss ideas and projects.

About Belatrix Software

Belatrix Software helps companies thrive in the digital world. Organizations partner with Belatrix to turn ideas into high quality, innovative software based on highly-tuned Agile development processes. Customers use Belatrix's digital transformation services to create best-in-class software products, lower time to market, and gain competitive edge. Belatrix's dedicated labs, focusing on UX, continuous delivery, mobile, DevOps, and QA automation, help organizations become digital leaders.

Belatrix's clients include both established Fortune level and emerging, venture backed firms. Some of the firm's clients include Disney, Adobe, AOL, PwC, and Shutterfly. Belatrix is a South American company with offices in Florida, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Lima


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