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Nearshore Software Development is Trending Upwards with Less-Rigid Methodologies Proving Successful, state U.S. Innovators and Latin American Agile Development Teams

April 30, 2015

Nexus 2015 explores “The Fine Art and Expanding Science of Nearshore Application Services” -- Forrester Research, Chatham Financial, Liberty Mutual, TD Bank and Belatrix Software executives explain why nearshore software development and collaborative innovation with Latin American application builders are trending upwards.

Nexus 2015 — Nearshore software development is trending upward, according to a Nexus 2015 panel of business innovators from Formatic, Liberty Mutual, TD Bank and emerging Latin American agile developer Belatrix Software.

“Organizations continue to face ever greater challenges caused by the explosion in digital technologies across mobile, big data and cloud,” says Alex Robbio, President and Co-Founder of Belatrix Software, an Argentina-based software product and application developer with a significant customer footprint in the U.S. and the leading nearshore agile practitioner with more than 20 percent of its team members possessing official Scrum Master certification – the most important agile credential in the market. “The speed of business and technological change is relentless, while customer expectations are higher than ever. Today, nearshore agile innovation represents a powerful proposition to organizations during this time of digital disruption.”

“The Fine Art and Expanding Science of Nearshore Application Services” — a panel at the Nexus 2015 conference in New York City moderated by Forrester Research Principal Analyst of Sourcing and Vendor Management William Martorelli — explores how, despite increasing sophistication, newly emerging providers still fight an assortment of battles – many of which are based on biases and lack of knowledge from the “buy-side.” On the other hand, nearshore application builders and their agile development teams espouse a new value proposition that inspired creativity, real-time innovation and spirited collaboration combine as key differentiators over conventional outsourcing models. Key nearshore trends include:

Transition away from rigid Waterfall application development practices typically used between U.S. companies and conventional outsourcers with large timezone differences — in favor of more flexible agile methodologies, such as Behavior Driven Development, Scrum and Kanban — to accelerate and streamline lean development practices with just-in-time, daily production schedules.

Migration to virtual desktops and cloud-based development strategies using, for example, Amazon Web Services, and certification in stringent security practices, such as ISO 27000, to overcome data privacy and confidentiality issues between U.S. companies and their nearshore development teams.

Mobile-first domain expertise and spirit of collaboration championed by an emerging breed of Latin American nearshore software product and application developers.

Formatic CEO and Founder Patrick Millar and former CTO of Chatham Financial explains, “U.S. innovators leveraging nearshore are developing real relationships with their partners, particularly those in Latin America — and vice versa. Nearshore application development is moving away from rigid waterfall development methodologies where things are locked down with outsourcers in locations with large timezone differences. WIth their flexibility, openness to receiving suggestions and spirited collaboration, nearshore providers such as Belatrix are becoming more confident and seeing that they can contribute more — a fusion that is leading to more innovative approaches to writing code and solving business problems.”

About Nexus 2015

Now in its fifth year, Nexus 2015 brings together senior technology and business investors seeking to understand how to access and participate in thriving Latin America and Caribbean economies. Our conference, networking and content program are all geared to increase market knowledge for executives responsible for regional and global expansion, third-party consulting partnerships and outsourcing engagements. Visit http://www.nexus2015.com/.

About Belatrix Software

Belatrix Software helps companies thrive in the digital world. Organizations partner with Belatrix to turn ideas into high quality, innovative software based on highly-tuned Agile development processes. Customers use Belatrix's digital transformation services to create best-in-class software products, lower time to market, and gain competitive edge. Belatrix's dedicated labs, focusing on UX, continuous delivery, mobile, DevOps, and QA automation, help organizations become digital leaders.

Belatrix's clients include both established Fortune level and emerging, venture backed firms. Some of the firm's clients include Disney, Adobe, AOL, PwC, and Shutterfly. Belatrix is a South American company with offices in Florida, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Lima


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