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Belatrix Software Launches “Successful Women In Technology” Week

January 23, 2018

Belatrix wants to change perceptions of working in the technology industry

Belatrix Software Launches “Successful Women In Technology” Week

Belatrix Software, a leading software development company, has launched an initiative, “Successful Women In Technology” to champion women who work in the IT industry. As part of this, Belatrix is publishing in-depth profiles of women working at the company, to help shine a light on what working for a technology company is really like.

Unfortunately research continues to show that stereotypes persist about what working in technology involves. By highlighting the personal stories of those who have built careers in the industry, the company hopes to inspire a new generation of women to enter the field.

Belatrix has a long history of promoting more gender equality in technology. This has ranged from supporting female developer communities, to working with schools and universities to introduce students to the idea of a career in the technology industry.

A third of Belatrix’s leadership positions are held by women, ranging from team leaders to executives in Belatrix’s senior management team. This high proportion relative to the industry, is the result of specific actions the company has taken, for example to ensure that for open positions, there is at least one female candidate. Belatrix looks to promote female developers within the company, and make sure their success is visible.

Silvana Gaia, senior technical consultant at Belatrix, highlighted that when she was at university and was a part of a group of women who were skilled coders, “people looked at us with astonishment”. As she says, “Tech people include not only nerd men working in the dark, but also moms breastfeeding their babies and coding with just one hand, developing great products.”

Alex Robbio, President and Co-founder of Belatrix, commented, “When I see young girls at my child’s school, I see a great enthusiasm amongst them to play and experiment with technology, for example with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. But this early enthusiasm isn’t being translated into more female technology graduates, which I think is very unfortunate as some of the best developers, project leads, and managers I’ve worked with were women. With this initiative we want to highlight to young women the opportunities available, and perhaps even inspire the next generation of female technology experts”.

About Belatrix Software

Belatrix Software helps companies thrive in the digital world. Organizations partner with Belatrix to turn ideas into high quality, innovative software based on highly-tuned Agile development processes. Customers use Belatrix's digital transformation services to create best-in-class software products, lower time to market, and gain competitive edge. Belatrix's dedicated labs, focusing on UX, continuous delivery, mobile, DevOps, and QA automation, help organizations become digital leaders.

Belatrix's clients include both established Fortune level and emerging, venture backed firms. Some of the firm's clients include Disney, Adobe, AOL, PwC, and Shutterfly. Belatrix is a South American company with offices in Florida, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Lima


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