Ensure your software meets the highest standards by leveraging our nearly 20 years of Software Quality Assurance experience and highly tuned agile processes.

Are you looking for a solution to improve your software testing efforts and meet the latest software quality assurance standards? Belatrix’s software quality assurance team has the expertise, experience, and processes needed to ensure your software project meets the highest industry and real-world standards. We are one of the leading software testing companies worldwide and the top Software QA outsourcing company in South America.

Software quality assurance expertise respected by leading software development teams across the globe.

Our software quality assurance expertise and processes are so effective that they are regularly sought out by other IT companies and development teams. We invite you to see for yourself why Belatrix Software has been chosen by so many US, Canadian and European companies to provide Offshore Quality Assurance Outsourcing Services and why so many of them have transferred their India Test operations to Belatrix in South America.

What makes our software quality assurance outsourcing services exceptional?

  • Extensive software quality assurance experience
    Our Agile quality assurance (QA) team originally focused on internal projects, but as more companies noticed the remarkable effectiveness of our software quality assurance team, we began offering quality assurance services as a stand-alone solution. Over the years we have built a reputation as one of the premier offshore quality assurance companies.
  • Finely tuned quality processes.
    We use the latest agile development and testing methodologies supported by strong governance as recommended by ISO and CMMi, combined with nearly 20 years of experience to ensure that every project meets the highest quality standards.
  • QA Outsourcing to South America is simpler.
    Since Argentina and Perú are just a few time zones different from North America and Europe, communication is much easier. The similarities between Latin American culture/accent and other Western cultures/accents help our team to work seamlessly with your team. Because of this cultural and time-zone alignment we can test your software with more relevant test cases.
  • Cutting-edge talent and training.
    Not only do we hire the best talent, but we work hard to stay at the cutting-edge of the industry and show why we are the best software testing company. Each one of our Software Quality Testers receives over 120 hours of training every year, including regular training from top industry experts we fly in to train our employees in the latest agile software testing techniques and technologies.
  • Dependable team with low turnover.
    We have been able to sustain an employee turnover rate of 12% or less, which is much lower than most software outsourcing firms. This means a dependable, stable team to work on your project from start to finish.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services We Offer:

BSF’s Software Quality Assurance department provides software testing and software quality assurance outsourcing services for projects developed within the company (internal projects) or by other companies (external projects). It also supplies mechanisms to improve existing practices by developing standardized processes for the entire company and by applying ISO™ standards, international standards, and lessons learned from CMMI™-SEI and our own experience from implementing ISO in our company.

Belatrix’s Agile Software QA team specializes in high value-added Software Quality Assurance services such as Load Testing, Scripted/Automated Testing, Mobile Testing, etc.

Our Quality Assurance Team has helped many companies implement their Quality Assurance and Testing strategies by leveraging our extensive expertise in this area. Even those clients that do not have a QA department or even a QA process can benefit from our services as our engineers can help them envision, design and implement a top-notch Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance methodology.

Some of the Software Testing Strategies we follow are: 

  • Functional Testing 
  • Risk-Based Testing 
  • Graphic User Interface 
  • Acceptance, Usability and Accessibility 
  • Performance (Stress and Load) 
  • Regression 
  • Installation and Configuration 
  • Security testing (Software Security Testing)
  • API Testing (N.Unit and MS-VS Tester Edition)
  • Automation (Selenium, Ruby, Python, VBscript, Apodora, Mercury QTP) 
  • Smoke Test
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Web Services
  • Concurrent Testing (multiple users)
  • Cloud Testing (Cloud-based testing)

Interested? Contact Us to discuss your India test transition or your testing and quality assurance needs! Outsource QA to Argentina and Peru. Outsource your Testing Efforts to Latin America with Belatrix Software.

You may also learn more by reading some of our Offshore Testing Success Stories and Whitepapers. Learn more about our software testing services here.

Why Partner With Belatrix


We understand that software now represents the critical interaction point between your company and your customers. QA and testing is therefore a critical priority. The reasons clients say they partner with us are:

  • Agile QA to meet your needs. Our Agile testing center of excellence ensures you receive the benefits of first-rate Agile QA. Meanwhile we also offer traditional software QA and testing services as a standalone offering.

  • Expertise in automation testing. Belatrix has extensive experience in automation testing. Where required this is also coupled with manual testing to align with Agile.

  • Comprehensive test automation tools. Access to, and expertise in, a wide array of open source and proprietary testing tools.

  • Mobile testing to create engaging mobile experiences. As mobile becomes central to every business, demand for mobile testing services is rising rapidly. Belatrix has extensive experience with mobile testing, focusing not just on the mobile interface, but also deep testing of the entire solution. Belatrix also works in emerging areas, such as with wearables.

  • Testing engineers with a developer mindset. Many of Belatrix’s testing engineers have worked as developers so they bring this perspective to testing. That helps them determine where automation testing makes the best sense and how to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Ease of doing business. Shared timezones and a variety of other benefits make it easy for you to collaborate with your extended team - for example enabling you to analyze test cases in real time. We also enjoy a company and regional culture that inspires smart questions and out-of-the box thinking to get you a better outcome. Review our nearshore advantages .

For more information on why you should choose Belatrix, check out Why Belatrix?

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