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Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are already transforming today’s businesses

Organizations are using AI, machine learning and deep learning to build more advanced products and services.

Most organizations are not ready. We help organizations benefit from the power of machine learning and deep learning. Our independently conducted research, found that 81% of organizations
believe machine learning will have a significant impact on their business. But few are prepared, or have the necessary skills to take advantage of its potential.

At Belatrix we believe machine learning and AI are key tools to enable you to develop powerful digital experiences. They allow us to take your digital project to higher levels of quality and effectiveness.

A dedicated machine learning research group

In 2016, Belatrix recognized the transformative impact of the technology, and established a dedicated group to research artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our engineers access insights from data, and build models to identify patterns that provide accurate and faster solutions for our clients.

Experience with clients, and internally at Belatrix

Belatrix’s machine learning engineers have worked with numerous clients, and have also used neural networks to improve Belatrix’s own operations.

In one of our first projects, Belatrix helped a real estate company use data from internet of things devices on its buildings, such as temperature and moisture monitors. Machine learning helped the organization operate its buildings more efficiently.

Diverse use cases provide inspiration for your organization

Organizations are using machine learning and AI in various ways, from the creation of predictive models to improve market responsiveness, to automated communication, to technical support.

After examining what you want to achieve, Belatrix’s team works to quickly build a proof of concept.

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