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Blockchain Services

Blockchain is the distributed database that is transforming industries

We’re ready to help you explore what blockchain means for your organization, and guide you in the next step of your digital transformation.

Blockchain technologies have the power to transform business as we know it. Its distributed ledger technology
means we will see a global, open, system of record for every transaction we make, while providing us with unparalleled control. This will fundamentally change our lives in the coming years.

Blockchain will lead to enterprises creating new business models. These new business models will be based on peer-to-peer exchange, on a blockchain network.

Belatrix’s Blockchain Center of Excellence is ready to guide you

In our dedicated COE we provide consulting and R&D services, proof of concept creation, and development services.

Consulting and R&D services

Creating a digital strategy involves new processes and skills, as well as new

Our consulting services help your explore what blockchain means for your business. What will your business look like if it operates as a peer-to-peer exchange based on a blockchain platform?

Proof of concept creation

The first step in your blockchain journey is creating a proof of concept based on your new ideas for your business.

Here we work with both business and technology leadership to explore what is
possible, and quickly develop a working prototype.


After you have considered how blockchain can impact your business, we will have outlined the foundational differences in business design between traditional and blockchain businesses.

We are then ready to provide long-term development services to help you in your digital transformation.

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