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Engage your clients and customers with better experiences.

Exceed your clients’ expectations by providing an engaging user experience based on their individual needs.

Customer expectations are rising fast. Whether you are developing an application for consumers or for business, the user experience will determine to a greater extent than ever before, its success or failure. Usability, user satisfaction, and powerful engagement are essential ingredients for today’s software and applications. Meanwhile a poor user experience will sound the death knell for your application the moment it hits the market.

Belatrix’s Agile UX Services rely on a combination of design skills and sophisticated technology expertise. We’ve optimized our UX methodology to provide the right mix of control, visibility and flexibility, in order to create the best possible outcome. See what makes us different.

UX specific services.

Given the exacting demands placed on creating the user experience, how should you best go about creating this engaging user experience?

UX design in the lifecycle of software development

In Belatrix, UX and software development work together to ensure the best usability and functionality. UX designers go through user research methods to find out and evaluate the expectations and needs of customers before the project goes to development processes. This provides additional value for our clients because we are able to detect issues and problems in the early phases. UX teams use Agile development, which allows for design and development features to be evaluated and prioritized at the same time during sprints. By following user-centered processes we ensure customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty.

Usability testing

After research, our teams build the information architecture and the structure that will match the user’s mental model, and that set the stage for creating a prototype. Those prototypes are used to measure how easy is for users to complete tasks and interact with an interface. Usability testing allows our teams to get feedback directly from the target audience to identify usability problems.

User interface (UI) design

As part of our software services we pay close attention to successfully develop the basic attributes of digital platforms. UI designers work based on visual design, interaction design and information architecture. Elements such as input controls and navigational components come into play to ensure the user naturally interacts with an interface.

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