Software architecture services

  • Make the right choice for your software architecture decisions.
  • Build the foundations for powerful digital software products.
  • The right architecture will help drive your business forward.

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Build the foundation for your market winning product

Today’s software architectures need to be robust, flexible, portable to different platforms, and able to interact with third party products. Your architecture decisions will impact your business results and determine your flexibility.

The importance of deep technical expertise

In today’s digital world, businesses need sophisticated technical capabilities to develop the platform which will enable their product to be used in different situations. Belatrix’s deep technical expertise can help you achieve this.

Make the right architecture choice

Software architecture is all about choice – what language, framework, design pattern, standard, or platform is most appropriate for your organization. Belatrix helps you make good choices, based on our long experience and using proven processes and methodologies.

Belatrix’s extensive experience

Belatrix has been providing software architecture services for 20 years- from analysis to design, evaluation, and evolution services. From modern serverless architectures, to microservices, we also have experience with all major platforms.

Some of our customer stories

Ensuring a compelling user experience for a global entertainment company

A global entertainment and media company was looking for support with user experience testing across their family of brands.

Helping one of the largest ISVs in the world bring a new marketing product to market

This organization is one of the largest ISVs in the world. They partnered with Belatrix to help their customers implement a market-leading toolset for digital marketers.

Improving the video advertising experience of a multinational media organization

The online video advertising market has experienced rapid growth. Indeed online video ads are one of the fastest growing ad mediums, with expenditure…

Creating innovation in a large traditional bank

BCP, one of the largest and most important banks in Latin America, created a nimble and agile organization in an industry that often struggles to apply innovation.