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  • Software QA has become a critical priority.
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As software rises in importance, so testing is a strategic priority

As customer expectations increase, so testing has become ever more important. The quality of your software has a direct impact on the success of your business. And as software becomes ever more complex, so effective quality assurance (QA) can help you manage this complexity and generate greater returns on your development efforts.

Look to Belatrix’s QA Center of Excellence

Belatrix’s QA Center of Excellence promotes both innovation as well being a one stop shop for testing and QA best practices. Our COE is well-equipped to provide you with guidance and expertise to bolster your capabilities. Within our QA COE you will find our QA automation lab, performance testing lab, and mobile testing lab.

Empowered, highly-skilled QA professionals

Here at Belatrix we take QA and testing seriously and highly value the discipline. We help highly-qualified individuals build their careers in the field. Our experts understand the importance of everything from improving quality using metrics, managing security and architectural risks, assessing software scalability and performance, process assurance, documentation management, to continuous integration.

Agile testing is more effective and efficient

Agile testing is critical to building the next generation of software. This means ensuring that QA is an integral part of the design of every software product from the very beginning. This means they can determine the most effective testing strategy, and how best to avoid costly mistakes. Leading companies rely on Belatrix’s extensive experience to decrease product defects and drive higher returns in their product development efforts.

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