Endeavor is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurial organizations. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and developing entrepreneurs, and has a stellar track record supporting and accelerating ventures globally. It helps what it calls “high-impact” entrepreneurs, by providing them with access to tools and to mentors across its network. Ultimately it aims to build entrepreneurial ecosystems, typically in parts of the world where no such ecosystems exist.

To celebrate 20 years of success at Endeavor and amongst entrepreneurs around the world, Belatrix helped the organization to create a website highlighting stories from the network. Belatrix is intimately familiar with the organization, because in 2013 it itself was assessed and selected as one of its high-impact entrepreneurial organizations.

The site enables users to filter the powerful stories by region, country, or position, so it is easy to find inspiration close to home.

How Belatrix created the site in time for the anniversary

A team consisting of 3 Belatrix experts was put together – one Scrum Master, one UI, and one UX expert. The team worked closely together with the Endeavor product owner. The collaboration between Belatrix and Endeavor was an international effort, bringing together people located in New York, Lima, Vancouver, and Buenos Aires.

The Belatrix team conducted the development work rapidly, putting together the site in 4 weeks. One additional week was required for site improvements. One day was required for the live deployment and propagation.

Technologies involved


  • Development: WordPress (CMS), PHP, jQuery, Javascript
  • Design: Illustrator
  • Management: JIRA (tasks), Bitbucket (repository)

Server configurations

  • Development Server: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP)
  • Live server: Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP)

“From start to finish, it was a pleasure to work with Belatrix to design a website to showcase stories from the Endeavor network for the organization’s 20th Anniversary. Our assigned team of developers was able to take our vision from just an idea to reality on a very short timeline. Throughout the entire process they were extremely transparent about their plan for the project and very responsive to our feedback and questions. We’re thrilled with the end product, and look forward to working with Belatrix again in the future!”

EndeavorLIZA WEINGARTEN – Marketing and Communications Manager.


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