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Belatrix and a leading consulting firm help businesses adapt and thrive

A new approach to building digital solutions

For more than two years, we have been the strategic partner of one of the world’s foremost consulting companies. Together we’re able to provide clients with deep consulting expertise, immediately followed by development and implementation, to quickly bring digital solutions to market.

The typical approach we follow is for the consultancy to first conduct market analysis and work to identify issues within the client organization. Based on their recommendations, Belatrix provides a team to rapidly spin-up functional prototypes.

Our skilled workforce in engineering and UX design enables us to create different minimum viable products (MVPs). Thus, our role is to provide a tangible solution to generate real business value for the client. Once the client approves the MVP, we start the development and implementation phase.

Here, we summarize some of the projects we have developed with this company, which range from healthcare to analytics to financial services.

Analytics: Creating an app to process high volumes of data

This was one of the first projects we conducted. They chose us as their partner in order to help improve their change management approach, which includes all the processes to assess and support employees in improving their performance and undertaking organizational change.

Two aspects were at the core of the project:

  • Speed. They needed to create an application to improve efficiency and drive standardization.
  • Innovation. Personalized change planning based on research-driven behavioral analysis and employee segmentation.

Our team worked on creating an MVP to maximize client impact and market differentiation. It needed to process a high volume of data in order to help the organization implement the following:

  • Standardized organization assessments. Improve time savings on current processes.
  • Employee trade-off survey. Research-driven identification of staff’s “ideal change experience”.
  • Employee segmentation. Conduct specific segmentation to drive personalized change.

Our team delivered a mobile solution which processes around 500k records of data in only 35 seconds. It is multi-language, which required building the interface with a specific framework so it could incorporate a wide variety of languages. As a result, the app works like a dictionary, able to recognize keywords to load a new language.

Agile development was at the core of the project, with a development and testing approach. We held stand up meetings every day with 4-week sprints. Transparency played a key role in the success of the project, with progress reports and client involvement in the process.

Technologies used

Healthcare: Using machine learning to improve how people take their medication

The healthcare industry is increasingly using technology to provide a better experience to patients. Together with the consulting firm, we started a project with one of the biggest pharmaceutical laboratories, aiming to improve the way they address issues related to how people consume their medication.

Based on the initial work, it was proposed to modernize the pharmaceutical company’s infrastructure with a machine learning algorithm that scans large amounts of data to classify issues and detect urgent cases. This enables the pharmaceutical laboratory to address problems faster and more efficiently.

As a result, the challenge for Belatrix was to build a proof of concept from scratch, which would involve DevOps, infrastructure and UX design. Our engineers used ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) technology and machine learning to build a system that reads data and, based on information guides, classifies information.

The result was an end-to-end application, which consisted of three sections: a dashboard where employees are able to see urgent cases, as well as a classification of their severity, and two additional screens that display details of every existing issue.

The success of this project enabled our client to present the proof of concept to other pharmaceutical companies, helping them to considerably reduce the time they used to transform information and classify problems of pharmaceutical consumption.

Financial services: Accounting applications to assess financial performance

Fit for Growth

The objective of this project is to offer enterprises a mechanism to classify and analyze data in order to assess their performance, compare their results with other companies in the industry and detect fields where they can save resources.

To achieve this objective, the client aimed to build a group of applications. Belatrix is currently working on two of them: a general ledger and an opportunity sizing app.

  • General ledger.This application enables companies to load their accounting and financial data and files in order to analyze performance. Users can select specific data to work with in order to allocate expenses and obtain a detailed analysis of the company’s performance.

The application has default categories, however, users can create additional ones based on the specific requirements of their industry. They can also divide expenses and add additional information if necessary.

At the end of this process, users can publish their data, which then goes to the opportunity sizing app, which works as a shared platform.

  • Opportunity sizing. This application works with the data and expenses allocated in the general ledger app. It compares the company’s performance during a certain period of time and then generates graphics to detect opportunities to save money and resources. Such savings opportunities are based on the performance of the company compared to other organizations in the same industry or related industries.

The application compares the organization’s revenue with general expenses. Such expenses are divided into functional taxonomies, which include marketing, infrastructure, technology, among others. After conducting this analysis, the application generates graphics that show the savings opportunities of each functional taxonomy and its performance compared to the competition.

The objective of this ongoing project is to generate a database that companies nurture through the analysis of their performance results and financial situation.

Technologies used

Mongo DB, React, Java