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As digital drives changes in the direct selling industry, Nu Skin thrives

Case study: How Nu Skin is empowering and enabling its sales force with digital technology

Belatrix has a long-established relationship with Nu Skin, one of the largest direct selling companies in the world. It sells more than 200 anti-aging, personal care and nutritional supplement products. With a long history of direct selling, Nu Skin continually innovated to thrive in the increasingly digital marketplace.

In this case study we explore how Belatrix and Nu Skin have worked together to achieve success in an industry rapidly changing due to the impact of technology.

Adapting to the digital world, requires a major transformation

Like many industries, technology has had a major impact on direct selling. For example, today, there is much greater emphasis on social selling, with influencers having an increasingly important role to play. The emergence of the gig economy meanwhile, has increased the focus and attention individuals pay to direct selling.

As part of its innovation efforts, Nu Skin engaged Belatrix to assist in designing and building new applications – everything from helping members of its sales force to sell more effectively, to improving internal process. Specifically, we have worked together to:

  • Create applications to help Nu Skin’s sales force build their business. Belatrix has built applications (in Android and iOS) together with Nu Skin which are targeted at members of its sales force to help them build their business. These applications help people to track their sales and also view their team’s sales and performance. People can see their sales compensation, and follow up on the awards they can achieve if they reach their goals.
  • Build web tools and mobile apps to attract new people interested in Nu Skin’s products and opportunity. The allure of the so-called “gig economy” has made companies such as Nu Skin and their value proposition highly attractive. Digital tools and applications are helping to attract new people to the business. For example, both Nu Skin and members of its sales force can quickly and easily build campaigns to demonstrate both the value of products, as well as the business opportunity in working with Nu Skin.
  • Increase the emphasis on social media and making it easy to share. Social media integrations are critical to the applications we have built for Nu Skin’s sales force. The direct selling industry has changed from physical, door-to-door selling, to embracing social media and the role of influencers. Today, any application aimed at Nu Skin’s sales force has a social component.
  • Assist in local product launches in different geographies. Nu Skin is a multinational company with a presence across the globe. However, having a deep understanding of the local markets in which it operates is critical. Recently it has expanded further in Latin America, and in particular Argentina and Peru. Belatrix’s development centers are located in these markets, and as a result were able to assist Nu Skin with their launch, for example by testing products locally.

Achieving success with a distributed team

One aspect of the relationship between Nu Skin and Belatrix is that we work together in a distributed team, between Belatrix’s development centers in Latin America, and Nu Skin’s offices in the US. Individuals use different tools to communicate, such as video and voice calls, instant messaging, and regular meetings. The aim of these tools is to be in constant communication, without team members considering that it becomes an interruption to their work.

“Transparency is key. My philosophy has always been “even if people don’t ask, we need to say it”. I want people to keep talking. I emphasize to the team that if anything happens, if we find something that might be important, it is a must to raise their hand and let the team know. It’s important to have this proactiveness, but it doesn’t just happen, we need to create an environment for it to happen.”

Silvana Blangetti, Project Lead & Scrum Master, Belatrix


The direct selling industry continues to be shaped by the major changes that digital technologies are bringing to bear. Nu Skin has demonstrated how it can use and foster new and emerging technologies to empower and enable its sales force to achieve long-term business success.

The technology stack

Nu Skin Mobile

Java, Objective C, Swift, Maven, CRXDE & CRXDE Lite, Adobe Experience Manager, Jenkins, Gradle, Json, xml, SQLite, REST web services, HockeyApp (Android), TestFlight (iOS).

Nu Skin Web

Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular.js, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JUnit, Tomcat, Jersey, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Maven, IDE STS, CRXDE & CRXDE Lite, MySQL, Oracle, Adobe Experience Manager, Jenkins, Vue.

QA Service

Manual testing and automation. Selenium II Web Driver, Xcode Intruments, Robotium, Appium, SOAP UI, Runscope.


Raml, Swagger.