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Ensuring a compelling user experience for a global entertainment company

A global entertainment and media company was looking for support with user experience testing across their family of brands. This company´s differentiation is based on its renowned user experience, which is why it looked to Belatrix´s Agile quality assurance (QA) services for help.

Challenge: Quality UX critical for business success

User experience (UX) in the entertainment industry means the difference between success and failure. If customers are not enjoying the experience, regardless of the quality of the content, they will not use your services. This company wanted to ensure they were providing their customers with a first-rate customer experience. Therefore, this household name in entertainment engaged Belatrix to test its family of entertainment websites as well as its internal desktop solutions.

The solution involved Belatrix´s Agile QA services

Quality assurance (QA) is a core competency of Belatrix, and we take a distinct approach called Agile QA. This involves highly qualified QA engineers working closely with the development team throughout the product lifecycle. In using Agile methodologies, Belatrix´s team had stand-up meetings every day, and 2 week sprints. Belatrix´s QA experts became intimately involved in the client´s products, for example attending product planning meetings. By involving QA experts throughout the product lifecycle, their expertise can be built into the product, and help ensure better, more secure, software.

Belatrix´s QA experts implemented end-to-end testing for the client´s products, to minimize risk and regression defects. Belatrix was responsible for testing the functionality, and automating workflows to ensure their family of websites, and social network campaigns, worked as they should. Automation was a critical element of the engagement due to the scale and complexity of the testing which the client required. Automation also helped the client get their services to market faster.

Improved user experiences led to customer delight

The most satisfying result is when our client´s customers are happy. And this is exactly what happened, as visitor satisfaction to the company’s sites increased.

Due to the success of the engagement, the client provided full authority to the Belatrix team, who ended up taking full responsibility for QA for them. While the client took a multi-sourcing approach with several vendors involved, only the Belatrix team had authority to deploy to the QA environment.

Technologies and methodologies involved

The team used functional testing and automation. This involved Java, Selenium IDE, Selenium 2 for websites and Qaliber for desktop solutions.

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