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Financial Services Innovation with Cardless Cash

Helping a financial services company better engage customers via mobile technology

A leading financial services organization was looking to develop new ways for customers to access their cash from an ATM. Belatrix was tasked with creating a mobile app that would enable a customer to withdraw money from an ATM in less than a few seconds using their phone, not a credit card. With such an open brief from the client, how could we best come up with a solution?

Design Thinking and Agile development helped create the solution

Design Thinking. Belatrix Software was one of the first companies in Latin America to start using Design Thinking in its engagements with customers. And it is actually here, when a problem or goal is not strictly defined, that Design Thinking is at its most powerful. It enabled us to wear the shoes of ordinary people regularly using an ATM, and helped us to come up with fresh ideas about what was possible.

Belatrix, together with the customer, were then able to iterate through different possibilities, create prototypes to see what worked and what didn’t – and how to overcome challenges from the technology, to connectivity issues, to the user experience.

The solution of cardless cash was developed via close collaboration with a nearshore development team. The teams utilized Agile development and two week iterative cycles, to ensure the development team could take into account quick and immediate stakeholder feedback. This combination of Agile and Design Thinking was particularly powerful because Design Thinking places emphasis on customer centricity and creating prototypes, while Agile provides the structure for constant iteration, such as daily standups and retrospectives.

The result led to increased customer convenience, satisfaction, and better security

Using Design Thinking, we created innovative new banking solutions, including adding new features such as cardless cash. The cardless cash mobile application can be used by customers, instead of having to use their credit or debit card to quickly access cash. This led to increased customer convenience (the time it took for customers to receive cash went from 40 seconds to 10 seconds) and increased security (by lowering the risk of the skimming of credit cards).

Technologies involved

Hybrid application Titanium for smartphones and tablets iOS / Android / Windows Phone / BlackBerry.

Native Applications for iOS / Android.

Responsive site HTML5 / JQuery.

Services: Java, Spring, Rest, Hibernate, Oracle, MySQL.

Infrastructure: Red Hat Linux, JBoss Deploy, Jenkins.

Tracking: JIRA Confluence.

Testing Automation: Proprietary QA automation framework, EggPlant for mobile.

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