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Video Case Study: From Waterfall to Agile

Video Case Study: From Waterfall to Agile

By Belatrix Software | Topics: Software Development

When your company needs to build an application but lacks IT resources, it makes sense to look for an outsourcing partner. But how do you minimize the risks of exceeding your time and budget constraints? In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll hear from a well-known non-profit organization that spent a year relentlessly documenting specifications for a fixed-price RFP, and how an IT vendor in Argentina helped them implement a discovery process that filled in the gaps and quickly yielded value.

In Hindsight
  • What would this client do differently?
  • What the client overlooked in the original gathering of requirements?
  • Why they switched from the more traditional Waterfall model to an Agile software development method?
  • Reasons that application development can often take longer than expected.
  • Risks and problems inherent in a fixed-price projects.
  • How a non-programmer can prepare for evaluating IT vendors who claim to use Agile methodologies?
  • And more…

This webinar is for you if you are struggling with the quality of your outsourced software development—or you want to get started with outsourced software development on the right foot, with the right engagement model and the right team. Join us to hear how this organization learned how nearshore Agile development actually reduces the risks of outsourcing.

About the Speakers

Jackie Slovak
For the past two years, Jackie Slovak has worked as an Application Systems Analyst at Easter Seals Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain, a private, nonprofit organization serving children and adults with disabilities and other special needs in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. She project-manages application development for the company, enabling efficiencies in worker productivity through the functionality of centralized databases. Before Easter Seals-Goodwill NRM she owned a web application development company, Site Adventures, Inc., based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, specializing in bringing database-enabled web applications to small businesses. She has bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science from the University of Great Falls.

Alex Robbio
Alex Robbio is the Vice President of Business Development at Belatrix Software Factory. Alex is a Certified Scrum Master and has extensive experience in the software industry including roles as Developer, Architect and Project Manager for important software companies in Argentina and the US. He currently lives in the US where he manages the Belatrix US location and all the sales and marketing efforts for the company. Mr. Robbio received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from National University of Saint Louis (San Luis, Argentina) with a focus on Industrial Psychology and Human Resources. He later obtained a Graduate Certificate in Business Management from Universidad Tecnológica in Mendoza, Argentina and more recently has attended the Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Management Program.

Steve Mezak
Steve is author of Software without Borders and CEO of Accelerance, Inc., a global software development firm with over 20 software development partners in a dozen countries. As a technical entrepreneur and veteran of six Silicon Valley startups, Steve mastered global software development in a variety of management and technical roles, including CTO and CEO with more than 25 years of software development experience. Steve attended UC Berkeley, the City University in London, and holds a BS Degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He continues to serve as an adviser to WPI’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Steve is co-chair of the SDForum Software Architecture and Modeling SIG and member of the IEEE Professional Activities Board IT Committee.


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