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Belatrix improves the video advertising experience of a multinational media organization

Challenge: Faced with an increasing competition, user experience is critical to differentiate

The online video advertising market has experienced rapid growth. Indeed online video ads are one of the fastest growing ad mediums, with expenditure expected to almost double between 2015 and 2019. This growth is coming because of the importance of video advertising for marketers – research indicates it has the highest click-through rate of any digital format.

Advertising has gone through tectonic shifts in the past few years, but perhaps no more so than consumers increasingly using tablets and smartphones to enjoy content. This means video ads must be developed with mobile consumption, and the mobile experience top of mind.

The solution involved implementing AngularJS

This company works with video advertising across the spectrum, from web, linear TV and mobile. As the technologies have changed significantly, previously being dominated by Flash for example, Belatrix worked with the client on their front-end development and transitioned the platform to AngularJS (it is worth noting, that at the time the project started, AngularJS was still in beta version). Continuous deployment was used to ensure rapid development.

Given the importance of the user experience, quality assurance (QA) was also a critical part of the project. Automation testing was an important part of this, given there were more than 1,000 test cases.

Belatrix´s team consisted of 3 team leaders, 16 developers, 3 quality assurance (QA) engineers, and 1 user experience (UX) expert.

The client got their new video platform to market faster

Belatrix and the client implemented AngularJS and re-developed the front-end experience of their video advertising platform. By working together, Belatrix helped accelerate the time-to-market of the new video customer experience. Consumers are now able to enjoy a better experience when viewing video ads, regardless of channel or mobile device.

Due to the success of the engagement, the client increased the Belatrix team size by 200%.

Technologies involved

  • AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript, Node.js, Less, Gerrit.
  • Manual test cases developed and performed.
  • Automation with Selenium WebDriver.

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