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Helping one of the largest ISVs in the world bring a new marketing product to market

This organization is one of the largest ISVs in the world. They partnered with Belatrix to help their customers implement a market-leading toolset for digital marketers. Due to the successful relationship, this has turned into an ongoing multi-year engagement with the digital product group of the ISV.

This world-leading ISV was keen to bring in an external perspective and expertise

The product helps digital marketers improve their ability to target prospects and create much more personal experiences. In a world where consumers want to feel like they have a special relationship with brands and organizations, creating this personalization is critical to today’s marketers. The product helps organizations effectively use and segment their marketing channels, whether via the web, mobile sites, social media, or other digital communication.

As a result this leading ISV looked to Belatrix to help implement, test, and measure the results of the tool. The ISV for example wanted to implement additional functionality to help marketers be able to better measure their campaign results.

The solution involved putting together an Agile development team

Belatrix quickly put together an Agile development team for the client. As the client was using a variant of Agile in their own internal teams, Belatrix adjusted to their methodology to ensure a quick ramp-up time.

The Belatrix team worked with various customers of the ISV to implement changes based on the results of the tool. For example, one customer used it to improve their e-commerce site, and were able to test what worked best and what their customers liked the most.

Due to the success of the engagement, Belatrix became an ongoing, trusted partner

Due to the success of the engagement, this has turned into an ongoing project over the past few years. In the last couple of years Belatrix has been further assisting the client’s digital group to make, implement, and assess the changes required to different products for their digital product group.

Technologies involved

The technologies involved include:

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • JQuery

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