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QA and development for one of the largest online marketplaces

Introduction: Maintenance for a monolith website

One of the world’s most popular online marketplaces contacted Belatrix looking for a partner to perform maintenance on their website as well as to develop additional features for their platform. The company realized that their existing monolithic website needed significant improvements. Initially, the Belatrix team worked on refactoring the existing code base. Over time, the team grew, and started working on creating new features.

QA and development for one of the largest online marketplaces


The issue: Managing staff capacity

The company was facing challenges with their personnel management due to the fact that all of their developers were busy working on the new website. As a result, the company decided to look for a partner to help maintain their existing website, as well as to add some additional features that would integrate with the new website as soon as they decided to launch it.

The challenge: Working with a unicorn startup

There were a couple of elements worth highlighting about this project. The company’s website was large and robust – it’s a site that is a global marketplace. It is available in nearly 100 countries and in over 40 languages languages, and has several million active users. This website is the core of the business- if it is not available to users, or functionality is not working, this has an immediate financial impact on our client’s business.

Working on such a project required a variety of skilled professionals, ranging from quality assurance (QA) experts, to Java, Android, and iOS developers. These individuals needed to be highly-skilled with deep domain knowledge, given the complexity and importance of the online marketplace.


The solution: Optimizing delivery teams

It was important for the company to have a specialized partner that could handle the maintenance of the website, in order to effectively balance its efforts between ensuring the current site continued to work well, while also working on the new version. Many software-based companies will recognize this challenge and the competing priorities it represents – the difference between creating a new software product versus maintaining an already successful product.

In this case, the Belatrix team responsible for conducting maintenance were well aware that any bug or error could lead to business losses. Taking this into account, we started off providing a highly-skilled QA team that was in charge of testing all the different functions of the main website.

Later on, several development roles were added to the project since the company wanted to integrate updated classified advertisements from different news outlets into their online marketplace.


The outcome: Fostering confidence in ongoing relationships

Working with a unicorn startup business was exciting: we embraced the opportunity to deliver top quality products for a company growing rapidly, as well as to be a fundamental part of their journey towards success.

The initial scope of the project was for four months – however, due to the success of the relationship, and that the client wanted to add different features along the way, this extended the relationship to two years. Reflective of the value Belatrix’s engineers brought to the client, some of the individuals were promoted to lead managers of the company’s platforms, tasked with having responsibility for their performance.

Technologies involved

  • PHP
  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • Cloud services

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