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Belatrix brings augmented reality to a pioneering financial services company

A pioneer in mobile banking and payment solutions was looking to create new innovative products to engage their customers.

Challenge: How to stand out in a crowded market of banking solutions

This fintech company wanted to revolutionize the payment experience for its customers using new technologies such as augmented reality. The organization understood the need to be innovative in order to stand out in an increasingly crowded environment of mobile payments and banking solutions.

The solution involved augmented reality

The solution involved developing a mobile banking platform with functionality including an augmented reality map, so customers could easily find their nearest ATM using markers identified by their cell phone.

In addition Belatrix helped the customer improve the architecture of their mobile payment platform with PCI compliant services. In order to further improve the product, Belatrix conducted code refactoring to implement best practices. Belatrix also helped the client implement their banking and payment solutions in several banks and financial service organizations.

Agile methodologies were used for both development and testing. Stand up meetings took place every day, with 2 week sprints. The team consisted of 2 Scrum masters, 16 developers, and 3 quality assurance (QA) experts. The client and Belatrix implemented a governance committee to ensure the project was delivered ahead of time.

The result led to creating innovative functionality

The new functionality and performance of the solution improved the customer experience and provided key differentiating features to what is currently available in the market. It represented a critical step in revolutionizing the payment experience.

Meanwhile the client learnt from Belatrix’s best practices in Agile and Scrum methodologies. The client is now using these practices for Agile distributed teams throughout their organization.

Technologies involved


The technology stack

The following list details the technologies used in the project for Software Development and QA:
Backend: JBoss, Mongo DB, MySQL, Java Frameworks, Jenkins, Sonar, SOAP, REST, ActiveMQ. iOS Mobile: Coredata, Cocoapods, Objective C frameworks, SQLite, Envoi Asynchrone, Push Notifications, Augmented Reality. Android Mobile: Android 4 SDK, SQLite, Google Maps, REST, BeyondAR Framework Augmented Reality.


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