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Creating Business Agility For A US-Based Retailer

This leading US retailer started as a family-run business over a century ago. It now specializes in jewelry for that special occasion, such as weddings.

The retailer faced the challenge of multiple systems and no clear overview of their business

As a result of its long history, the retailer was faced with the challenge of having multiple systems, which meant business executives struggled to have a clear overview of the state of the business, or it took time to find critical data to support decisions. Duplicate data meanwhile meant employees struggled to update information on customers.

The organization realized they needed better and faster information for their ecommerce platform, in order to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Achieving this meant fully integrating the features of with their internal systems and their custom point of sale application, all based on Oracle E-Business Suite.

As a result the retailer decided to implement WSO2’s open source middleware platform to help integrate their range of systems and provide much needed business agility. WSO2´s platform is specifically designed to help businesses transition to providing digital services, and integrate multiple sources of data.

The solution involved implementing WSO2’s open source middleware

The company engaged Belatrix to help implement WSO2’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Data Services Server (DSS). They wanted to work with a service provider because of Belatrix’s track record, nearshore locations (which means there is a time-overlap to help communication), Agile expertise, and experience with WSO2 products. Belatrix´s experience with WSO2 meant implementation was much faster than had the company decided to implement the solution itself.

Belatrix put together a team located in Argentina, which worked side by side with local teams in the client facilities, using remote communication tools and techniques. Being based in a nearshore location, meant Belatrix and the customer could work seamlessly together, and it was easy to communicate.

Belatrix used Agile methodologies during the implementation. Using Agile meant there were clear daily objectives, daily meetings, and reviews. This contributed to a rapid and successful implementation.

Improved customer satisfaction and business efficiency

Implementing WSO2´s solution resulted in numerous positive impacts. The company can now handle customer requests faster and easier, which has led to increased efficiency. And critically it has led to the company being able to serve customers faster, with better information, and has resulted in improved levels of customer satisfaction.

Technologies involved

The technologies involved include:

  • WSO2 Software: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Data Services Server (DSS)
  • Other software: Salesforce, Oracle, DevOps based on Linux platforms
  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances

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