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Citizens share views on the US election

Challenge: Measure the worldwide interest in the USA elections and provide an estimate of the global support of each candidate

The imminent elections in the USA have been on everyone’s mouths for the last few months. The Planet For USA is a global movement which aims to world citizens a voice through a voting page where they can select who they would vote for.

The project has the support of several companies whose owners found themselves wondering about the results of a hypothetical worldwide election on the candidates. The original creator of the idea is a young and promising entrepreneur, Pablo Larguía, CEO and founder of Red Innova. This is a company that every year brings together the brightest entrepreneurs to share inspiring experiences, innovative ideas, and disruptive technologies in their annual event.

The Planet For USA has an online voting widget where you can choose your favorite candidate for president. The web page is available in three languages and it includes a platform where you can join the movement to share your views on the US election.

Belatrix’s solution involved rapid testing and revisions to the UI

Belatrix was involved in the project from the early stages of the development performing manual testing in each section of the webpage. The development took three weeks before the first release and Belatrix was involved in two stages:

  • In the first stage, when the project was only in Alpha phase, the vote widget and the different sections of the page were diagrams which had not yet been developed. Belatrix performed a revision of the user interface (UI) and presented a report about what the user could expect when interacting with the different sections of the web page.
  • When the project was completed, Belatrix performed a full analysis of the site in both its versions, desktop and mobile for multiple platforms. Belatrix recommended several changes to the UI to improve the user experience (UX).

The website started a global movement

The final Planet for USA website brought the voice of millions of people together onto one global platform so people could share their views and thoughts on one of the most important elections in modern times. At the time of publication, nearly two million people had already shared their views on the 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


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