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Become More Agile By Building The Right Software Architecture


    In this upcoming webinar Belatrix expert Uzi Mamani will explain how modern software architectures can make your business faster, more nimble, and more agile. Software architecture is often the forgotten element underlying your customer-facing technology. But we will explain how building the right architecture for your organization will help your business stay ahead of a rapidly changing business and technology environment.

    We will explore 3 key architectural patterns: CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), event-driven architecture (EDA), and service-orientated architecture (SOA). We will present case studies for each of these to provide real-life examples of the benefits and drawbacks of the choices you need to make.

    In the webinar we will discuss:

    • How building the right software architecture impacts business results
    • The different choices for software architecture
    • Why “build fast, but build right” should guide your efforts
    • Case studies from a range of different organizations – explaining the challenge the company faced, and how building the right architecture helped

    You can follow the build-up, as well as the live webinar, on Twitter with the Hashtag #ArchitectureBSF

    If you have any specific questions you would like us to address during the webinar, we will be delighted to take them- leave your question in the form on the right.

    We look forward to seeing you there!


    Uzi Mamani

    Uzi Mamani – Scrum Master and Team Leader

    Husband, father, BBQ fanboy, biker & Paleta Fronton player.
    Uzi joined Belatrix in 2013 as technical lead developer and has more than 15 years of software development expertise. He has worked in the financial, mining and retail software industries, playing different roles from developer, technical lead architect and team leader.
    Currently Uzi leads a Scrum team of eight people.



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