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Welcome to the jungle…Choosing the right tech stack to build powerful digital experiences


    In today’s digital world, businesses need to develop powerful digital, mobile-first experiences for their customers. However, there are a numerous mobile technology stacks to choose from. From native development, to Flutter, React Native, Angular, ReactJS, technology executives need to make key decisions about which technology stack is best for their business.

    In this upcoming webinar we will discuss the different technology stacks with three of Belatrix’s mobile experts, Hansy Schmitt, Néstor Méndez, and José Hernandez. We will discuss:

    • What is the top choice of tech stack? Which is best for deploying across platforms?
    • Is it really possible to code once, while creating a “native” feel and experience to your application?
    • The strengths and weaknesses of the different technology stacks – Flutter, React Native, Angular, ReactJS, and native development
    • What are the financial implications of your choice of tech stack?
    • Why Google Flutter represents a major shift from the current options

    Hansy Schmitt


    Hansy Schmitt has extensive experience in the technology industry. Prior to joining Belatrix, he worked as the CTO for the Peruvian delivery startup, Urbaner, and prior to that worked for several other leading technology companies. He has development expertise in various web and mobile technologies, such as Google Flutter.

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