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How CMOs can handle the data explosion and help product development


    How marketers are getting more involved in product development

    “Your app is now your brand” – your organization’s mobile application and software development now have a direct impact on the strength of your brand. As a result of this, marketers, helped by data, are influencing product development more than ever before.

    Specifically, in this webinar we will discuss:

    • How the marketing role has changed from just “commercialization” to one with a broader strategic remit, including product design and customer experience.
    • The importance of data insights in improving customer experiences
    • How marketers can help their product development teams


    Charles Green

    Charles Green

    Charles Green is part of the marketing team at Belatrix Software, based in Lima, Perú. Previously he was the global lead analyst for the product development/ R&D services market at Forrester Research. His research coverage at Forrester also extended more broadly to technology and business services, and in particular data and business intelligence services. He continues to pay close attention to the business services industry, and blogs at



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