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The Digital Agriculture Revolution


    Farmers, growers, and agricultural companies are increasingly adopting digital technologies to transform a traditional industry. In the past, farmers and growers made decisions based on their personal experience, combined with interpreting local conditions.

    But digital technologies, from the internet of things to blockchain, are rapidly turning the industry into a high-tech sector. Smart, connected devices can now provide the insight to enable farms to improve every aspect of their operations.

    To help explore what digital agriculture (or precision agriculture) means for the industry, we were joined in this webinar by leading digital agronomist, Reinder Prins. We discussed:

    • What is the digital agriculture revolution?
    • How digital technologies are transforming the industry – including the impact of the internet of things and blockchain.
    • What are the unique challenges that the sector faces in adopting digital technology?
    • The future of agriculture


    Reinder Prins

    Reinder Prins

    Reinder Prins is a leading digital agriculture specialist. His work has focused on the irrigated cotton industry but includes many other crops. He has been working with some of the largest growers in Australia, helping them analyze and utilize geospatial data, as well as integrating this application data into sub-field record keeping.

    Reinder has extensive experience working internationally, particularly in the US, Australia, and Latin America. He is currently working in Latin America as a freelancer in the space of digital agriculture. He is interested in helping growers and businesses in the region, whilst also learning about local agricultural customs and practices. He is originally from the Netherlands, and is a graduate of Maastricht University.



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