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How to Dockerize Angular, Vue and React Web Apps


    Containers have become increasingly popular in cloud computing because they make it easier to distribute and spin up an application, regardless of its stage in the production lifecycle. This means you do not need to worry about using a virtual machine. Docker is one of the most widely used container solutions. In this upcoming webinar, Belatrix web expert, Orlando Castillo, will explain how you can efficiently build web apps using the power of Docker containers along with the most common Javascript libraries.

    In the webinar we will examine:

    • What is a Docker container?
    • The role of images and containers
    • Building a Angular, Vue and React web apps
    • Running custom container images from the cloud

    The code used in the webinar, including the docker configuration, will be made available.


    Orlando Castillo

    Orlando Castillo

    Orlando is a web developer and certified Scrum Master with significant experience in the software industry. Over the past few years he has increasingly focused on Javascript frameworks, such as Angular, React, Vue and NodeJS, among others. At Belatrix he works in an international team as a Senior Developer, and during his career has supported customers ranging from large financial organizations to emerging technology start-ups.



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