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Does nearshore still work?

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How can innovative companies take advantage of nearshore services

The nearshore services industry is in a state of flux. As the technology industry undergoes rapid and fundamental transitions, with new technologies such automation and artificial intelligence changing business dynamics, is the nearshore services industry keeping up with the pace of change?

In advance of the Nexus 2016 conference being held in May 2016, we’re bringing together Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Managing Director of Nearshore Americas, and Charles Green, Director of Thought Leadership at Belatrix Software, for an open discussion on the state of the nearshore services industry. We’ll be discussing:

  • Does “nearshore” still work? Are Latin American service providers keeping up with the pace of change?
  • How can innovative start-ups benefit from partners, and nearshore in particular?
  • Why is there still some resistance from buyers to engage with Latin America? What do providers and buyers need to do to change this?
  • Our vision for nearshore
  • And more…!

You can follow the build-up, as well as the live webinar, on Twitter with the hashtag #Nearshore2016

We look forward to seeing you there!

Kirk Laughlin


Kirk Laughlin is managing director and founder of the Nearshore Americas – the widely respected media and research group which examines the emergence of Latin America as a global leader for outsourcing services and knowledge-based industries. He has emerged as one of the foremost thought-leaders on the expansion of cross-border trade and ICT and global services investment in the Americas. He speaks regularly at conferences throughout the Americas and consults with both corporate ‘buy-side’ and vendor organizations in developing and executing transformational and strategic objectives in the Latin America region.

Earlier, Kirk was a VP and Managing Director at Ziff Davis Enterprise, based in New York City. Nearshore Americas has offices in Connecticut, Mexico City and Costa Rica.

Alex Robbio

Alex Robbio – President & Co-Founder

One of Belatrix’s three Founders and a member of its Board of Directors, Alex Robbio currently serves as the firm’s President. Alex has played a pivotal role in transforming Belatrix from a small Argentinean IT Services firm to a specialist global innovation firm enjoying year over year, double digit growth. In his capacity as President, Alex drives the firm’s strategic planning efforts.

Traveling frequently, Alex meets regularly with Belatrix’s clients which include not only Fortune level established firms, but also mid-stage fast growth firms. Alex also represents Belatrix at international industry events and other key industry organizations.

Charles Green

Charles Green Director of Thought Leadership

Charles Green is the Director of Thought Leadership at Belatrix Software, a leading provider of software and mobile development services. Based in Lima, Perú, Charles is responsible for providing insight into key industry trends for Belatrix management, as well as researching and writing about emerging industry dynamics.

Prior to Belatrix, Charles was an analyst at Forrester Research where he covered the product development and R&D services market, as well as more broadly technology and business services. At Forrester he advised both service providers and end users in achieving their strategic objectives, in Latin America and in other locations worldwide.

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