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How Open Source Will Drive The IoT Revolution

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Businesses must prepare for the convergence of two of the most transformative trends in technology – open source and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT, put simply, involves using devices to collect, transmit, and analyse data. It has tremendous potential to transform industries from healthcare to automotive. However open source technologies will be critical to support and underpin the proliferation of the IoT.

In this webinar, Belatrix`s expert, Sergio Infante, will analyze the rise of open source, and how it will impact the Internet of Things. He will detail how technology leaders can respond and prepare for this transformation. In particular:

  • Why the IoT will rely on open source software
  • Different open source approaches to the IoT
  • Case studies of open source IoT
  • How you can contribute to the open source community

Sergio Infante

Sergio Infante – Scrum Master and Team Leader

Sergio Infante has been working in the software industry for almost 9 years by now. He joined Belatrix in 2013 as a Senior Software Developer and then he was promoted to Project Lead to work with distributed teams.
Prior to joining Belatrix, Sergio worked for international companies where he developed his career in Backend and Frontend technologies and UX. He is currently involved in mobile banking projects and he continues to specialize in mobile and wearables projects.


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