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How you can implement continuous delivery and deliver software faster


    Every technical organization is looking to deliver faster, cheaper and with better quality. To help achieve this, increasingly organizations are turning to continuous delivery. Implementing continuous delivery means organizations can frequently adapt software to the needs of their users, improve customer satisfaction and boost business results.

    In this webinar we were joined by quality assurance expert, Steven Winter, founder of GuerrillaQA, and Federico Tacchini of Belatrix, to examine, de-mystify, and provide a clear path towards continuous delivery and testing. In particular we will analyze:

    • Continuous integration and continuous delivery are taking over, and many organizations are moving faster than you! How can you keep up with your competition?
    • What is continuous delivery today? How do we define it?
    • Why continuous testing is the core of continuous delivery, and how can you implement it?
    • The importance of culture and alignment to achieving your continuous delivery objectives
    • Real success stories and how can you replicate their success

    Whether you are a CTO, quality assurance (QA) leader, or other technology professional, this webinar will provide you with crucial information in your journey towards continuous delivery.


    Steven Winter

    Steven Winter – Chief Strategist at GuerrillaQA

    Steven has managed quality for America’s leading providers of financial technology services, with key focus on mobile, with a track record of innovative and disruptive testing methodologies. With twenty one years of experience in quality, Steven has tested through a wide array of technologies from web, firmware, hardware, cameras, phones, desktop, data—and everything in between. He has continually pushed the testing edge and delivered high performance, world-class QA operations at Broderbund, First Data, Leapfrog, PureDigital/Flip, mFoundry, FIS Mobile, Trizic, and now GuerrillaQA.

    Federico Tacchini

    Federico Tacchini – Senior .NET and front-end developer

    Federico is a system engineer and certified Microsoft developer who started working in quality assurance, but moved over to development. He has worked in the software industry as a developer for 5 years. He has developed web applications using technologies such as .NET, Angular, jQuery, Node.js and mobile apps using hybrid frameworks like Ionic. He is currently working on a project for a major financial company with more than 100 developers across multiple counties. Federico has dug deep into continuous delivery and testing technologies during this engagement.



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