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Mastering The Agile Method For Distributed Teams – Webinar




    More than 80 % of agile teams are distributed across multiple locations, probably facing most of the common challenges about working with Agile in a distributed team environment.

    Gartner Research recently noted that to capitalize on disruptive forces, companies need partners who can help them meet those challenges. Belatrix Software has over fifteen years of experience in successfully overcoming those challenges and we’d like to share this expertise with you.

    We invite you to participate in this webinar, where our panelists will go through the practical aspects of setting an Agile distributed model.

    In this session, you will learn from our experts:

    • What issues could arise in distributed teams?
    • How to choose the best team members?
    • How to easily implement Agile practices in a distributed development project?

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    Silvana Gaia

    Silvana Gaia – Technical Solutions Consultant

    Silvana is a systems engineer with 15+ years of experience in the software industry. She has been involved with Belatrix since the very beginning of the company, working in different positions from Senior Developer to Production Director. She’s been a promoter of Belatrix’s Agile methodology expertise. Nowadays she is a Technical Solutions Consultant. Based on her technical background, her management and sales skills and her understanding of services, she advises and supports clients in order to meet their business needs. With an action-oriented approach she helps tailoring solutions for customers. Her innate ability to mediate enables her to play the role of effective broker between Sales and Production teams.

    Lorraine Maffi Dodds

    Lorraine Maffi Dodds – Project Manager

    Lorraine is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and a senior project leader at Belatrix Software. In addition to being a CSM, Lorraine has been a CMMI Appraisal Team Member (ATM). Drawing from both knowledge areas gives Lorraine the perfect blend of big picture and practical perspective on what it takes to get the best results from Agile while leveraging the CMMI quality model. Lorraine has successfully led projects across a very diverse product and industry spectrum. With more than seven years of firsthand experience in Agile at Belatrix Software, Lorraine uses Scrum to help her teams accomplish their collective project goals and ultimately achieve happy, highly satisfied clients with great innovative products. Lorraine will share her experience on using agile.

    Jose Gramaglia

    Jose Gramaglia – Program Manager

    Jose has dedicated over fifteen years developing applications and working with distributed teams. He has proactively managed over 40 different projects, overcoming all kinds of challenges that distributed teams can faced. Being a Certified Scrum Master, his unique experience includes applying agile processes within mission-critical global projects that cross different industries: Financial & Insurance, Bio & Healthcare, MLMktg, etc. Jose has been working at Belatrix Software since the company was founded, originally as a developer and then rising to more strategic roles as a Lead Developer or Account Manager. Currently, as Program Manager, he coordinates and supervises several distributed global teams working on different projects. Jose holds a B.S. degree in Systems Engineering.



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