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If you’re developing a mobile app, you know you have a tough work ahead of you.

Users want mobile applications to be simple and fast. And you need to create it quick and using as few resources as possible. And just one bug or usability issue can spoil the entire experience and throw away all your hard work and money.

The solution to these potential problems is TESTING. But mobile testing is becoming more and more complex over time. As the mobile devices market gets bigger, there is a multiplicity of different screen resolutions, operating systems, operators, Network limitations and locations.

Testing mobile applications can indeed be very difficult and can become a real problem.

Join Mobile Testing Experts Carina Valdez and Liliana Manrique and learn what you need to do to succeed in your App Development endeavors.

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Carina Valdez

Carina Valdez – Team leader

Carina has a degree in computer science and has more than 12 years of experience in developing and testing software. She started her professional career as a functional analyst and system auditor.
In 2007 Carina started to lead QA projects at Belatrix and certified as a Scrum Master. Since 2011 Carina has been specializing in mobile device testing, focusing on iOS.

Liliana Manrique

Liliana Manrique – QA engineer

Liliana has a degree in computer science and software development from the University of Aconcagua. “Lili” started work in the QA area in 2011, and works as a QA engineer. She’s been part of multiple projects, both web and mobile. For the last 2 years she’s been part of the mobile testing team, focusing on iOS.
Liliana has made numerous presentations at leading universities focusing on technology.



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