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Predictions 2018: A Year of Transformation

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Enterprises are building new digital business models driven by emerging technologies. Businesses are undertaking fundamental digital transformations, as organizations realize they must adapt to a new world, or fall by the wayside. 2018 will be a year of transformation and upheaval.

In this upcoming webinar Belatrix´s Director of Thought Leadership, Charles Green, will examine our predictions for what promises to be a transformational year in 2018. In the webinar we’ll discuss:

  • How Agile development is helping organizations with their digital transformation efforts
  • Why implementing DevOps should be a top priority, and how it helps organizations stay close to the changing desires of their customers
  • Why blockchain will lead to the emergence of new business models, based on peer-to-peer exchange


Charles Green

Charles Green

Charles Green is part of the marketing team at Belatrix Software, based in Lima, Perú. Previously he was the global lead analyst for the product development/ R&D services market at Forrester Research. His research coverage at Forrester also extended more broadly to technology and business services, and in particular data and business intelligence services. He continues to pay close attention to the business services industry, and blogs at



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