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Scrum Master: Adding value to Agile Software Products




    Agile methodologies, and Scrum in particular, have already proved to be a widely-used and efficient method for developing software products. One of the crucial roles in the success of any Agile team is that of the Scrum Master. Join Jeff Glennon, recognized Agile coach and facilitator, and four of Belatrix´s most senior Scrum Masters in a live round table discussion. This powerful panel will talk about best practices for Scrum Masters to drive value in software development projects, and how they work effectively with CTOs and CIOs.

    The topics we´ll discuss are:

    • The importance of the Scrum Master role
    • How Scrum Masters can add greater value to products
    • How to overcome challenges in distributed Agile teams
    • How Scrum Masters can work best with senior executive stakeholders

    They will share their wide experiences and highlight best practices.

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    Jeff Glennon

    Jeff Glennon – Independent Consultant

    Jeff is the founder of Software Delivery Labs, a startup focused on connecting people, process and technology to help businesses reach their goals.
    He is a seasoned engineering leader who has been driving measurable change at companies for 20 years. He does his best work “between the lines” to improve the communication flow between engineering and all stakeholders to minimize confusion, facilitate shared ownership and clarify expectations. He has successfully jump-started multiple agile implementations, in the role of the driving force / agent of change, Scrum Master and Agile coach.
    Jeff has led teams at companies such as RSA Security, Communispace, Compete and Aspen Technology and has successfully delivered agile projects with companies ranging from tiny mobile start-ups (Reel, Inc) to Big Pharma projects (Biogen Idec).

    Mauricio Bessé

    Mauricio Bessé – Scrum Master and Team Leader

    Mauricio has worked on software development for more than 12 years.
    He has a BS Systems Engineer degree from the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional in Argentina. In 2007 he joined Belatrix as Lead Developer. In 2010 he became a certified Scrum Master. He currently leads two projects with three teams, located in two countries. During his seven years at Belatrix he has participated in seven projects from different industries, including banking and manufacturing.

    Uzi Mamani

    Uzi Mamani – Scrum Master and Team Leader

    Husband, father, BBQ fanboy, biker & Paleta Fronton player.
    Uzi joined Belatrix in 2013 as technical lead developer and has more than 15 years of software development expertise. He has worked in the financial, mining and retail software industries, playing different roles from developer, technical lead architect and team leader.
    Currently Uzi leads a Scrum team of eight people.

    Matías López

    Matías López – Scrum Master and Team Leader

    Matías is a project leader at Belatrix and currently coordinates 3 projects, responsible for setting goals, coordinating efforts, and guiding the teams to success.
    Matías is a certified Scrum Master with specific expertise in .Net, JavaScript, as well as other technologies. Matías joined Belatrix in 2006 and has worked on a variety of international projects.
    Matías graduated from Universidad de Mendoza with a degree in computer and systems engineering.

    Carlos Castillo

    Carlos Castillo – Scrum Master and Team Leader

    Carlos is a software engineer with more than nine years of experience in software development and leading multi-national development teams. In 2009 Carlos became a certified Scrum Master.
    Carlos joined Belatrix in 2014, but previously worked for leading technology companies such Ariba, Quadrem, and IBM. Carlos graduated from Universidad de San Martín de Porres in Lima, Perú, with a bachelor´s degree in computer and systems engineering.
    In his spare time, Carlos enjoys reading and traveling.


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