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Smart contracts on the blockchain – what you need to know

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Smart contracts are small pieces of software that run in an autonomous and decentralized way within a blockchain. In other words, they help people exchange value with each other, with the safeguards provided by having a contract in place, whilst avoiding the need to have an intermediary.

However, the revolutionary potential of smart contracts is not limited to the automatic execution of transactions, or the digital representation of a contract. Since they are flexible pieces of software capable of solving any computer problem, they make the construction of dApps (or distributed applications) possible. These are applications without a server or central control entity, which run through a computer network. They give rise to what is called “Blockchain 2.0”.

To explore smart contracts, dApps, and blockchain 2.0 in more detail, we were joined by Belatrix expert, Juan Diego Bonelli. In the webinar we discussed:

  • What is blockchain 2.0
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) & Azure Resource Groups.
  • How organizations can use smart contracts and their key features
  • Examples of the code of smart contracts
  • The construction of dApps

Juan Diego Bonelli

Software Developer Engineer

Juan Diego Bonelli is a software developer engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the app development area, including back-end, testing automation and DevOps. Passionate about avant-garde technologies, he is currently dedicated to research and development tasks at the Blockchain Center of Excellence at Belatrix Software.

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