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The Future of Front-End Development for Business Applications




    Front-end development has become a key aspect for every project. End-users (and that means clients, sales reps, stakeholders and practically anyone using your software) want the app to be easy to use, intuitive, modern, good-looking and solid. They are asking you to move to the next generation in apps.

    Front-end development combines UI, development, analytics and much more to create seamless User Experience to drive engagement and happy clients.

    Learn about what you should be doing to enter the future, now.

    Webinar´s topics:

    • UX Meaning
    • Roles and Skills of a Front End Developer
    • Apps Migration to New Platforms
    • Trends in Front End Development

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    Tomas Merlo

    Tomas Merlo – Project Leader

    As project lead, Tomas is responsible for managing a team of UI developers for a worldwide advertising company. Tomas has also contributed to Belatrix marketing team as dev lead. He joined Belatrix in 2011.
    Prior to joining Belatrix, Tomas moved to Dallas, TX and worked for several companies where he developed his career in Front-end technologies, search engine optimization and digital marketing. He’s currently teaching HTML5, javascript and CSS3 at Belatrix. Tomas has a BS in Computer Science. He graduated in 2000 from UTN Mendoza, Argentina. He enjoys spending time with his two boys and his wife. He’s a Dallas Cowboys fan!

    German Berselli

    German Berselli – Web & Front-End Developer

    Germán Berselli has worked in multiple development projects, from MLM to advertising. German joined Belatrix in 2011 as a Quality Assurance engineer and then moved to the development area as a .Net developer, specialized in UI. He currently manages a wide variety of technologies such as javascript, jquery, HTML5, CSS3, angular and bootstrap as he continues to specialize in UX.

    Bruno Vilches

    Bruno Vilches – Senior Web Developer & Product Manager

    Bruno Vilches has been working in Front-End development for over 10 years. He has a degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. He started and managed a company dedicated to providing web apps for global clients. In 2013 he joined Belatrix as a Senior Web Developer and has been pushing the internal growth of front-end knowledge at Belatrix.
    He currently leads a distributed team of 12 developers working for a leading company in the on-line advertising industry.



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