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The Ideal Outsourcing Team

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Have you ever wondered what the best software team looks like? Are you aware of the different roles needed to accomplish the tasks and deliver a high-quality software product?

Whether you have no previous experience with software teams, or you have never outsourced these capabilities before, you’ll find valuable insights on what you need to create your next best-seller software product.

Based on our experience of more than 200 projects successfully undertaken, you’ll learn on:

  1. Key Factors of Effective Team Building
    • Project Scope
    • Team Size
    • Team Location
    • Software Dev Methodology
    • Communication
    • Defined Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Real Case Study
  3. Tips on the Team Creation Process

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Julieta Barrionuevo

Julieta Barrionuevo – Team Lead & Certified Scrum Master

Julieta has a great experience as a Software Developer and Project Manager. Currently she’ been for over 8 years as Project Lead at Belatrix Software. She has been a Scrum Master for multiple projects so she has extensive hands-on experience dealing with many kinds of teams, also she is an advocate of Scrum principles . Julieta holds a BS degree in Systems Engineering.

Gabriel Vasquez

Gabriel Vasquez – Team Lead & Certified Scrum Master

Gabriel graduated as a System Analyst in 1999. With more than 13 years of experience in the IT industry and 10 years in Belatrix, Gabriel has a vast experience in Oracle databases, as well as a developer working mainly in C# and .Net projects. Now, as a Certified Scrum Master and Senior Team Lead, Gabriel helps his teams to accomplish their project goals. He is client oriented and focused in keeping them satisfied. In his free time he enjoys time with this family and triathlon training.


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