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What CTOs Need To Know About The IoT

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The technology industry is at fever pitch about the “Internet of Things” (IOT). The ever decreasing cost of sensors and peripherals mean more and more devices are becoming connected to the internet. This presents tremendous opportunity for CTOs in their product development initiatives. But challenges range from security and privacy issues, to developing the software and analytics to connect all these devices and create meaning and action from the array of data generated.

Belatrix´s CEO, Luis Robbio, will be joined by subject matter experts Sergio Infante, Alejandro Pasccon, and Diego Gil in a roundtable discussion on cutting through the hype of IOT to find out what it means and where you need to invest. Some of the key questions we´ll discuss include:

  • What is the most overhyped aspect of IOT?
  • What will be different with IOT and in which industries will it have the most impact?
  • What technologies are driving IOT?
  • What skill sets will businesses need to develop and/or acquire?
  • What key investments should CTOs be making now and planning to make in the next 18 months?

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Luis Robbio

Luis Robbio – Belatrix’s Founder & CEO

Luis has been pivotal in shaping the innovation focused, collaborative culture of the firm, defining its strategic course, and empowering the leadership team to achieve the vision. He’s dedicated to deepen Belatrix’s “innovation” value proposition to the market though initiatives designed to empower Belatrix’s developers to be proactive in sharing ideas and best practices for product innovation.
In his spare time he enjoys playing the saxophone.

Sergio Infante

Sergio Infante – Scrum Master and Team Leader

Sergio Infante has been working in the software industry for almost 9 years by now. He joined Belatrix in 2013 as a Senior Software Developer and then he was promoted to Project Lead to work with distributed teams.
Prior to joining Belatrix, Sergio worked for international companies where he developed his career in Backend and Frontend technologies and UX. He is currently involved in mobile banking projects and he continues to specialize in mobile and wearables projects.

Diego Gil

Diego Gil – Team Leader

Diego Gil has been working in the IT industry for the last 35 years, mostly designing and developing retail and distribution applications as an independent consultant. He joined Belatrix in 2009 and has worked in several Java projects since then. Currently, he is Scrum Master / Leader in Java teams.
He enjoys spending time with his family at Mendoza’s mountains and developing small microprocessor projects.

Alejandro Pasccon

Alejandro Pasccon – Leader Mobile Lab

Alejandro is an Information Systems Engineer with more than 10 years of experience as a developer. Previous to Belatrix, he worked for different companies and government institutions. He joined the company 5 years ago and has been working as a team leader and mobile developer. He is a certified Scrum Master and currently leads the efforts of the company’s Mobile Lab.
He loves running and has participaed in two international marathons of 42km.


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