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How to choose the best iOS architectural pattern for your app

By Francesca Haro
Published on: August, 2019

As software developers there is a moment when we have to decide how to build a system. In this context, architectural patterns are important to create a verifiable and compatible code structure that all developers can easily understand.

In this article we will discuss three popular patterns for iOS, how they work, and some of their advantages and disadvantages. This will help iOS developers choose the correct pattern for projects they plan to start.

There is no such thing as a “best” architectural pattern that will work for every kind of project.

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Francesca Haro

iOS developer at Belatrix's Mobile CoE

Francesca Haro is part of the Mobile Center of Excellence team at Belatrix Software. As part of her role she is responsible for creating innovative and engaging iOS applications using Agile methodologies. She's passionate about developing software applications because they help make people's lives easier.