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Delivering excellence: Digital transformation in logistics

By Charles Green
Published on: September, 2019

Technology is advancing so rapidly that companies are forced to either change how they operate or risk getting left behind by the competition. This is resulting in new opportunities to make better strategic decisions and predict customer behaviors, but only for companies that commit to digitization.

Within this whitepaper, we explore the challenges that logistics companies face on their digital transformation journey, providing advice on how to effectively adopt digital technology. Readers can expect to learn how technology is currently reshaping the industry, as well as how to find external partners that will best reinforce a digital transformation strategy.

Digital transformation is now imperative for logistics companies to thrive and survive in this ever-changing landscape.

About the author


Charles Green

Director of Thought Leadership

Charles Green is the Director of Thought Leadership at Belatrix Software. Based in Lima, Perú, Charles is responsible for providing insight into key industry trends for Belatrix management, as well as researching and writing about emerging industry dynamics.