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Drilling into the future: Digital transformation in oil and gas

By Charles Green
Published on: March, 2020

While consumerization and user demand is driving rapid digital maturity in most customer-focused industries, the asset-heavy oil and gas industry has been relatively slow to adopt digital technologies at the same level.

In this white paper, we’ll explore some of the practical and economic impacts that digital transformation is having on the oil and gas sector, both today and in the future, as well as outlining how companies can start innovating quickly to capitalize on this digital revolution.

Combining a deep integration of technology, operations, and behavior, digital transformation has become a means to achieve safer operations, financial predictability, real-time insights, and risk mitigation.

About the author


Charles Green

Director de Thought Leadership

Charles Green is the Director of Thought Leadership at Belatrix Software. Based in Lima, Perú, Charles is responsible for providing insight into key industry trends for Belatrix management, as well as researching and writing about emerging industry dynamics.