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Technological excellence: The missing link in consulting partnerships

By Charles Green
Published on: January, 2020

The consulting industry is in the midst of a gut-wrenching change, as it tries to shift an operating model that has remained largely unchanged for decades.

At a fundamental level, at a time when technological expertise is more important than ever, aside from a few exceptions, technology expertise and excellence is not a part of most consultancy’s DNA. While some have invested heavily in their technical capabilities, many still lack the deep level of experience and knowledge that specialist software development firms possess.

In this paper, we take a closer look at how the business and strategy consulting industry is evolving, and explore the needs of organizations as they navigate the digital world.

The global consulting industry was worth an estimated $275 billion in 2018, with an additional $10 billion of growth in 2019

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Charles Green

Director de Thought Leadership

Charles Green is the Director of Thought Leadership at Belatrix Software. Based in Lima, Perú, Charles is responsible for providing insight into key industry trends for Belatrix management, as well as researching and writing about emerging industry dynamics.