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Exploring Insurtech: Smart digital tools for modern insurers

By Alejandra Morales
Published on: August, 2019

Today’s insurers are facing more challenges than ever. Market growth is no longer guaranteed, regulations are becoming more difficult to navigate, there is a lack of trust, an abundance of competition, and customer expectations are constantly evolving. To combat these obstacles, insurance providers around the world are turning towards digital technology and developing their own solutions.

In this report, readers will learn about the types of insurtech available and how to adopt them, as well as discovering how expert technology partners can help expedite and support the process.

Not only are customers moving forward with technology at a breakneck pace, but savvy insurance providers are already meeting that challenge head-on with their own adoption of digital tools.

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Alejandra Morales

Content Marketing Producer

Alejandra is a Content Marketing Producer at Belatrix Software, where she has been working for the last six years. She has a strong background in organizational communication and currently she specializes in digital and content marketing. Based in Mendoza, Argentina, part of her responsibilities include the creation of digital campaigns, sales content ideation and design, organization of sales events, marketing content distribution and coordinating efforts in the content team, among others.