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The power of nearshoring in 2019

By Alex Robbio
Published on: September, 2019

Businesses have realized the benefits of nearshoring, including timezone alignment, lower costs, and easy collaboration, for many years. But more recently, driven by the increasing focus on Agile development and the need for digital transformation, we’ve seen dramatic growth in the nearshore sector.

In this whitepaper, we explore the benefits of nearshore and why more and more organizations are choosing to work with nearshore providers for their digital initiatives.

    This paper will cover:

  • The business benefits of nearshoring in 2019
  • The decision making process of a typical CTO
  • How nearshoring helps organizations transition to digital

Today in the digital world, it’s the nearshore sector which is eclipsing traditional, offshore outsourcing destinations.

About the author


Alex Robbio

President and co-founder of Belatrix Software

Alex Robbio is one of Belatrix Software's founders. He also heads up Belatrix's Sales group. An experienced software executive, Alex has held several high-ranking positions at top software companies both in Argentina and the US. He travels extensively throughout the world promoting Belatrix and participating and presenting in international conferences. Alex received his Bachellor of Science in Psychology from National Unversity of Saint Louis (San Luis, Argentina) with a focus on Industrial Psychology and Human Resources. He later obtained a Graduate Certificate in Business Management from Universidad Tecnológica in Mendoza, Argentina. He has been an active Counselor at the Utah Valley University.