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Retail digital transformation for enhanced customer experiences

By Fernando Gonzalez
Published on: May, 2019

Most obstacles in modern-day retail can be linked to three complex realities: evolving customer demands, a fast-paced competitive landscape, and rising operational costs. Savvy retailers are adapting to this triple-threat challenge by investing in digital transformation projects, resulting in enriched customer experiences, reduced overhead, and a boost in brand loyalty.

In this publication, we explore the myriad opportunities in retail digital transformation, uncovering how the right investments, innovations, and tools can boost brand awareness and deliver valuable customer experiences.

All retailers are vulnerable to the fast-paced demands of the market, no matter their size or reputation.

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Fernando Gonzalez

V.P. Marketing

Fernando González is the V.P. Marketing of Belatrix and is responsible for all external and internal communications, promotions and sales actions, and lead generation. Fernando is also responsible for developing the content generation strategy, aimed at satisfying the growing demand for quality technical content. Fernando works closely with Belatrix´s human resource teams in designing and executing the recruitment marketing strategies. Fernando loves climbing mountains and outdoor life. He lives in Colombia with his wife and 2 girls.