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How to test Blockchain applications

By Juan Diego Bonelli
Published on: September, 2019

Decentralized cryptocurrencies networks, such as Bitcoin, have captured the attention and the interest of the public. With the emergence of smart contracts, blockchain technologies are being increasingly integrated into applications that, due to the nature of their businesses, can benefit from doing away with the middleman and, also, from the distributed consent feature that these technologies allow for.

One of the most important parts of software development is testing, and considering we are dealing with new technologies that are constantly evolving, such as blockchain, it is imperative that we are extra careful with how we go about it. Therefore, in order to make sure we test blockchain applications properly, we will begin by understanding their components and the role that blockchain plays in their architecture.

The QA principles and methodologies will remain the same: building requirements-based tests, automating and executing them, and carrying out risk assessments on the software for the development team.

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Juan Diego Bonelli

Software Developer Engineer

Juan Diego Bonelli is a software developer engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the app development area, including back-end, testing automation and DevOps. Passionate about avant-garde technologies, he is currently dedicated to research and development tasks at the Blockchain Center of Excellence at Belatrix Software.