Project Governance

When it comes to Agile software development, our experience has taught us that even the best performing Scrum teams still need proper project governance. To meet this need, Belatrix has established a Project Governance process – a Committee that uses a set of proven processes to ensure projects stay on track with no surprises.

In addition, due to Belatrix´s flat hierarchy, we make sure each of our clients have easy access to our executives. We are proud of providing this personal touch to our clients.

Project Governance
  • Strong project governance ensures that any major and urgent risks are communicated to Belatrix’s management, executive team and client as they are detected.
  • Potential risks are also reported and discussed on project governance calls.
  • Governance calls or meetings typically occur on a defined schedule as agreed to by both the client and Belatrix’s Governance Committee.
  • The Committee is comprised of an executive sponsor and product owners on the clients team, and members of the Belatrix team, including at least one member of the Belatrix executive team.
  • Belatrix’s project governance is one way Belatrix ensures that our clients’ goals are met.

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